Alex Fong (方力申) is challenging 45km swim as part of the charity drive on 5th November 2019. During an interview at the radio station, he admitted he felt regretful to accept the challenge as Alex underestimated the difficulty despite practising daily for the past 6 months: “I used to assume swimming is the same as walking and I am puking and have an eye infection upon going into the water.” Alex added he swam for 30km earlier and tried to swallow the cold porridge while floating on top of the water, and it was extremely disgusting. It was a suffering experience and his eyes and tongue were infected once getting out of the water. He hoped to complete 45km swim within 12 hours so as to break the past record of swimming for 12.5 hours: “The worst part is I stop swimming after 2015 after the media took photos of me. I know I am fat and dare not go into the water. The public assume I am gaining weight because of my age.”