Since married to Li Ronghao (李榮浩), Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) was busy working and expressed they did not see each other after their marriage for less than a month at a public event on 8th October 2019. Nevertheless, she continued to promote Ronghao’s concert at Taipei Arena on 26th October: “Hopefully everyone will support him. I saw his performances in Shanghai and Beijing and it is amazing.” As he gave a domineering kiss to Rainie at Taipei Arena previously, Rainie said: “It was a surprise and we can see his real talent this time.”

Although they were a newly-wedded couple, but Rainie disliked to be a clingy wife and said: “I do not see my husband since we are married. I focus on preparing my album, shooting advertisement and movie while Ronghao has to film reality show. We will not video chat but phone chatting and texting only. We are mature and give privacy to each other. I know somebody even switch on the video camera when sleeping and it is frightening. (Ronghao lost 8kg?) He wants to lose weight and I will tell him to eat. Lately, he only eats vegetables and chicken and it resembles to a “hell” slimming method.”