TVB aired the finale of Barrack O’Karma (金宵大廈) drama showing Joel Chan (陳山聰) transforming from a security guard to a pilot passing by Selena Lee (李施嬅) playing an air stewardess not long ago. From their eye contact, it conveyed endless of messages. A few days ago, Selena travelled to Japan and had not watched the finale. On 15th October 2019, she shared two photos of herself at Dream Festival 2019 online and it appeared that the strong typhoon did not affect her trip in Japan at all. In the photo, Selena is dressed up sexily revealing a pair of long legs and left a message: “I have been reading the messages and photos related to Barrack O’ Karma drama. Honestly speaking, I have not watch it yet and am I the last one?” Joel replied to Selena that he also had not watched the finale until now.