Chinese actress, Yang Mi (楊冪) is invited to the season 6 of China’s Got Talent (中國達人秀) show as one of the judges. Other than watching the contestants’ performances, the netizens also focus on Yang Mi’s hairstyle and fashion sense since perceiving as the trendsetter. She is treated as national idol and it is normal for the “goddess” to make a mistake at times. Yang Mi goes for a new long hairstyle in the latest episode of China’s Got Talent program.

Apparently, Yang Mi showed her “fairy” hairstyle and matched it with a pink dress. She is supposed to look fresh and elegant but her hairstyle resembles to a village woman and her dress hides her good body figure as well. Once the photos are released, it becomes a heated discussion immediately and the netizens remarked that Yang Mi looked like a Thai transsexual and ghost. Some even asked Yang Mi’s work studio: “Are you crazy?”