Joe Tay’s (鄭敬基) contract with TVB is refused because of involving in political issue. On 17th October 2019, he revealed TVB wanted to renew his contact in June and he failed to respond immediately because of his business plan.

Joe said: “I did try to delay it because of knowing a local production company upon working in Malaysia at the time. He asked if I was interested to become his business partner and arrange Hong Kong artistes to hold concert or go for stage performance in Malaysia. Anyway, I can appear in different television stations and will be recording a music show in ViuTV later.”

In addition, Joe revealed his movie company will be established in Malaysia in 1st January 2020: “I am hoping that the cast team members of Finding Her Voices (牛下女高音) drama will sing during the opening ceremony. Kuala Lumpur has a venue which can occupy 2000 people and I wish we can take the opportunity to promote Cantonese songs. (Make a huge investment?) Nope. I will be using my first year wages as an investment for the company’s operations. My wife gives me her full support and it marks a turning point for me.