Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) have two sons and one daughter. She usually takes care of her children and he will accompany them during his free time. Earlier around 3.30pm, Aimee and Moses went for tea at Repulse Bay while their kids were having lesson and met Nancy Wu (胡定欣) by coincidence.

In 2012, Nancy and Aimee filmed The Confidant (大太監) drama together and it is definite both have endless conservation upon bumping into each other. Moses and his wife ordered coffee while Nancy talked and showed many expressions during her meal. They stayed for 30 minutes and took photo together before leaving. At the point, Nancy told Moses to stop as he forgot his mobile phone. Aimee shared their photo on Instagram and left a message: “So nice to bump into @nwuuu today in between pickup!!! What a lovely surprise! I still remember filming in Hengdian for The Confidant series together… You were my red wine buddy. I miss you.”