Lately, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) focuses on developing his career in Mainland China and films many drama and participates in variety shows. It is the first time for Bosco to play two roles including an examiner of the forensic department in Chinese new series, Your Secret (我知道你的秘密) which is currently broadcasting.

Other than promoting and revealing the filming progress during the interviews with several Chinese media, Bosco also mentioned about his work experiences in TVB and it is a fact that his colleagues such as Raymond Lam (林峯), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒) and himself except for Kenneth Ma (馬國明) had left the company. When mentioned about the golden prime era for TVB appeared to be over, Bosco said: “I believe it is a cycle. TVB drama used to be very popular and Hong Kong market is not as big as before. Anyway, I believe this world is a cycle and a new trend might form anytime or after 10 years later. I have no idea and dare not say too much.”

Revealing that the public felt unfair to 5 of them since they filmed countless of TVB drama without becoming TV King, Bosco felt it was not a pity: “To me, filming series is not about winning an award but playing my role character and doing my part well. What matters is the audiences feel happy.”

Checking if the artistes were worried about shooting limited role characters, Bosco said: “Yes, it is one of my biggest concerns when playing a cop and villain all the time. I believe there is no limitation in acting at all.” He begun to laugh loudly upon the reporters pointed Bosco could not deny that he was a dashing man.

Although turning to 40 years old soon, Bosco replied he was not in a hurry to date and settle down. He chose to let nature take its course: “It has not cross my mind and I prefer to take things easy. I believe it is impossible to avoid once the right timing arrives.” He added he loved positive and independent woman and should not tie the knot for the sake of getting married only.