TVB actress Celine Ma (馬蹄露) had conflicts with the protestors after taking photographs of them damaging an ATM machine belonging to Bank of China (中國銀行) at Mong Kok earlier. Her head, lower chin and the side of her mouth were required to go for 11 stitches in total. During an interview on 19th October 2019, Celine said: “I am not a heroine but an ordinary citizen who loves Hong Kong and stands up for justice only. Upon recalling that scene, it is quite scary and my family and friends are worried about me. I have no regrets and will do the same even if happens again.”

Subsequently, many media wanted to interview Celine and she rejected: “I am an artiste and not trying to use this incident to increase my popularity. Also, I do not really trust Hong Kong media as they might edit my interview and it will become a big issue. Hong Kong is my home and I feel extremely upset to see this current state. Hopefully the youngsters will stop and look at this poor city. The future of Hong Kong belongs to all of you and how can you sabotage your own future? Hong Kong will be completely ruined if the damages continue.”