Moses Chan (陳豪) shared his knowledge as an entrepreneur and passion about coffee at a seminar on 16th October 2019. He dreamed of becoming a coffee supplier and encountered failures while setting up the business. When asked if he wanted to give up before, Moses said: “Nope. The fortune teller told me to have perseverance and I will continue with my acting career and coffee business.” Although he opened a physical coffee store, but Moses planned to open the shop officially at a later date due to the current situation in the society and the human traffic was considered satisfactory for the past 2 months.

When mentioned about the 7th wedding anniversary with his wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) next year, Moses said: “Yes, I have another baby which is the coffee store. (Play tennis with Aimme earlier?) She completed the filming for her new drama and I try my best to spend time with my family.”

As Aimee uploaded photo of her daughter, Camilla carrying her handbag online earlier and won compliments from the netizens, Moses said: “Camilla is Aimee’s daughter and it is normal that she inherits her genes. She is very vain and loves to take photos. Camilla will choose her own clothes and my second son will gel his hair before going out now.”