41-year-old Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) announced her flash marriage and pregnancy news earlier. As her husband worked in another sector, she decided to handle in low-key manner when they registered their marriage in overseas in mid 2019. On 19th October, Shirley was dressed up in an evening gown with deep V design at a press conference for ViuTV new show (香港親善小姐) with Halina Tam (譚小環), Theresa Lee (李綺虹) and Anne Heung (向海嵐). When the reporters requested to take photos, Shirley sat down to rest and it was obvious that her chest size increased.

During an interview, Shirley revealed she was pregnant for more than 3 months and felt nauseous and dizzy: “Feel elated and it is considered rare. I have found my love forest and married in overseas. It is double happiness. My husband is from China and lives in Hong Kong. We know each other from a friend. (What is your husband’s last name?) It is friendly when everyone continues to call me Shirley. My elder daughter, Krystal knows she is becoming a sister and touches my belly all the time. She feels happy as she wants to have another sibling to play with her and even tells my baby to be obedient. Krystal is indeed a sensible girl.”

Shirley added she was aware of her baby’s gender and decided to make an announcement later due to taking care of Krystal and deciding the hospital for the labour. She only disclosed the estimated date of delivery will be next year: “I am continuing my work and my baby should be born in rat year unless arriving this world earlier. (Wishing your husband will support you?) Huh? We are financially independent and I must remain hardworking. Anyway, the women are financially strong now. (Taking care of two children in the future?) Yes, I must maintain a positive mindset during the confinement and will meet up with everybody again.”

When asked if she planned for a third baby, Shirley said: “I hope for a smooth delivery and complete this big project first.” She also emphasised about expecting after married: “After communicating with my hubby for several years and dating after 6 months, we decided to tie the knot and he is a very nice person who truly loves me. He loves children and treats my daughter well. (Krystal calls him as daddy or uncle?) She calls his name and will change the greeting later. (Did your husband know your rumour and love history?) Yes. What matters most is our happiness. I am not wearing my wedding ring due to shooting drama and will show my wedding photos at a later time. We have not hold the wedding banquet and hope for a simple wedding.” She added her husband did not mind seeing her in sexy outfits after married.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20191019/60171869