Nancy Sit (薛家燕) received an award (敢創敢做演藝人至尊大獎) during a ceremony with Jonathan Wong (王梓軒) on 17th October 2019. She expressed she joined the industry for 61 years and set up her own brand from (家燕媽媽) to Captain Nancy, after filming A Kindred Spirit (真情) drama: “Although we are experiencing an aging population and I am getting old, but my audiences are becoming younger.”

When asked if she wished to become a grandmother, Nancy admitted to it and will not give pressure to her son and daughter-in-law, but was worried about her elder daughter’s happiness though: “My two daughters are not married yet. Hopefully that day will arrive quickly and I will become a grandmother soon as well.”

When asked if Jonathan was worried about the traffic and safety issues as he will be holding the concert in this December, he replied it was not within his control and everything will be normal for now.