Chinese artiste Yang Mi (楊冪) is perceived as a fashion trendsetter. Her dressing always attracts a big group of women to follow her and it is one of the hottest searches on Weibo occasionally. However other than losing her title, Queen of Dramas (收視女王), Yang Mi’s recent fashion sense delivers a shock to the public.

Lately, Yang Mi wore a blue top and leather trousers with an oversize black jacket, cap and mask at Beijing airport. She carried a white handbag and looked cool and domineering overall. As Yang Mi was dressed in nearly all black, her silver earrings showed a good finishing touch effect but it failed to win compliments from her fans, as she looked short, fat and it hid her fit body figure. Many people posted their messages on Weibo: “She looks short and bloated. Very confused about her dressing style and it is the first time that she fails to look good.” At the same time, some people praised Yang Mi’s fashion sense and everyone has a subjective view about fashion.

In addition, Yang Mi’s new hairstyle during the promotion activity for China’s Got Talent 6 (中國達人秀) show was criticised and resembled a Thai transsexual and village woman. Hence, ever wonder about her thoughts after receiving criticisms repeatedly?