Selena Lee (李施嬅) joins the industry for 16 years and does not have any complaints when failing to become TV Queen. Because of wanting to widen her horizon, she has stepped into the US from Hong Kong and her capability is evident to the public. After leaving TVB in early 2019, Selena receives many opportunities in exchange and proceeds to making on-screen performances internationally. She gets to work with different media and said confidently: “I am enjoying a good life and income now.”

In 2017, Selena become movie queen twice based on an American film, Once More during European Cinematography Awards and Los Angeles Film Awards. In the following year, she participated in Canadian drama, Blood and Water and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress Award (最佳女配角獎) in 2019 Canadian Screen Awards (加拿大奧斯卡). It is obvious that she makes the right choice to venture in overseas and Selena admitted to hearing different voices: “Many people tried to persuade me to stay as I am playing the female lead and enjoying a stable income. It is difficult to carve a successful career outside but I wish to challenge myself and nothing makes my heart excited for now. Although I am clueless about the outside world, but the angel and devil are struggling at the same time. At the time, I decide Barrack O’ Karma (金宵大厦) is my last TVB drama and it is a worth to give a try in other aspects. I know it is full of risks once leaving TVB as there is no stable income and work.” Her capability goes to show her current achievements.

When mentioned about having a successful career after leaving for 6 months, Selena smiled and said: “Working widens my horizon and I am the shortest model to perform catwalk during the fashion show in New York. The Canadian movie company has approached me when planning to film the sequel and it depends on my schedule. Although the future is unpredictable, but I firmly believe there are many challenges waiting for me. I cherish every opportunity which is more important than my based salary in TVB. Back then, I used to have many worries and making the first move means enriching my experiences.” She added she enjoyed her current work and would be continuing to shoot Western films.

In 2003, Selena joined TVB through the beauty pageant and is given the lead roles gradually. After noted for her role in Barrack O’ Karma drama, her fame increases and she gives the credit to her role. The public will call the name of her role, sister Coco or Alex at the street and Selena said: “It is the first time that I experience such feeling and will cherish this period of time. (The netizens praise your acting skills improve tremendously.) Before filming this series, I was shooting Canadian drama, Black and Water and played a corrupted cop who killed people. Perhaps my acting skills improve because of foreign exposure. (Any expectations about 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards?) Many people remark I deserve to become TV Queen but getting encouragements and recognitions are more important than winning an award. I always smile to myself before sleeping every night.”

Asking if it was the right timing to depart TVB when her last series received excellent reviews, Selena replied immediately: “There is reason for every incident. For the last 5 years before leaving the company, I only film 1 drama per year due to the scripts and begin to think of exploring the outside world. During the shooting, it increases my courage and desire to try something different.” In order to fight for a job, she tries to overcome all obstacles and understands the sacrifices behind a successful career: “It is terrible to meet repeated failures during the casting as one is the final choice without any casting in Hong Kong. After failing in the casting, I will doubt my capability and have to face it bravely with a positive mindset. Let’s take La La Land movie as an example. They were rejected when applying for server and cashier and continued to try until succeeded. Certainly, they are not as fortunate as me as I have some fame and able to enjoy my life and their monthly incomes are sufficient for their eating and living expenses only.”

38-year-old Selena continues to have a dry love life and denies about having a high expectation about her suitors: “I did know some eligible bachelors but it is difficult to develop a relationship when travelling frequently. My future boyfriend must understand me very well. Although many friends are married and have children, but I am not anxious to date and prefer my carefree life. Many mothers suffer from tremendous pressure and my top priority is my career. Also, I am not a clingy person and my future partner must understand I am very independent. It is best that he is working and we give supports to each other. This type of guys are decreasing but I will continue my hunt though.”