Carman Lee (李若彤) is best known for her role as xiaolongnu (小龍女) and serious in her relationship in reality. In 1998, she dated a wealthy businessman, Kwok Ying Chuen (郭應泉) and decided to film series in Mainland China, when his business failed. Both went through ups and downs together and Carman agreed to her ex-boyfriend’s request to withdraw from the show business in 2004. However after 4 years later, they parted ways and Carman continued to stay single for the past 10 years.

According to a news source on 18th October 2019, Carman had a different love perspective and believed her partner should support and encourage her job. During an interview, she disclosed about hinting to tie the knot twice but her boyfriend refused to and her love life remained dry, after the separation for 10 years. Her mother also stopped urging her to settle down and Carman went for matchmaking session thrice. She used to resist the arrangements and begun to accept it now. Before the blind dates, Carman told her friend not to reveal her celebrity status and hoped to find her Mr Right soon.