Louis Koo ( 古天樂 ) turned 49 years old and turned up at the movie premiere, A Witness Out of The Blue ( 犯罪現場 ) with Jessica Hsuan ( 宣萱 ), Philip Keung ( 姜皓文 ) and Louis Cheung ( 張繼聰 ) at night on 22nd October 2919. The organisation committee prepared a birthday cake for Louis Koo and Philip whose birthday were on 21st and 26th October as a celebration. As a woman wore white floral jacket kept shouting she was Louis’s “wife” below the stage, it created some chaos and Louis ignored it while continuing to share about his thoughts during the shooting.

Louis revealed his birthday wish was to stay healthy: “I love the present given by Jessica and will remember her birthday.” Jessica then exposed he remembered her birthday date wrongly last year: “I will remember it forever if late for a day. All my friends’ birthday are written in my dairy.” Louis added he will be working again with Jessica and might arrange her to play a villain in order to have a breakthrough. She said: “I want to act as a villain all along and there is pressure when filming a movie, due to the box office.”

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