Toby Chan’s (陳庭欣) right face is injured by a skiing board during water skiing earlier. It does not cause any phobia to her and she continues with the lesson earlier. While recording the show (第二屆兒童及青少年粵劇折子戲大賽) on 18th October 2019, Toby expressed the make-up failed to hide the wound and her colleagues showed their concerns for her. However, her boyfriend did not stop her going for skiing lesson and she said: “He told me to be extra careful next time and the tips upon falling into the water.”

In addition, the water skiing coach told Toby that Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) suffered from a serious injury and had to go for stitches: “I believe the coach will tell his new students that Toby and Charlene are injured so that they will be extra cautious.” She added she took her mother to the fitness centre opened by her boyfriend earlier.