Elva Ni ( 倪晨曦 ), Rose Chan ( 陳嘉桓 ) and fashion designer, Dorian Ho ( 何國鉦 ) attended an event at Tsuen Wan on 23rd October 2019. As Elva will be getting married next year, it is obvious she lost some weight and said: “I have no room to slim down and my boyfriend tells me to stop losing weight.”

Elva expressed she felt normal when wearing wedding gown in the past but excited when doing the rehearsal on 23rd October: “I always assume there is lots of time and change the wedding from this year to February 2020. There is many preparations and I can only try the gown in January since my friend is designing it for me. It is not a deep “V” design due to safety precaution. (Any baby plans?) I take things easy and feel happy if pregnant. I have not decide the place for my honeymoon and want to go to a different country and enjoy the sunshine at the beach.”

As for Rose, she revealed she begun to analyse skin texture and character in recent years: “I will know the opposite party’s character once checking the fingerprint. I plan to set up a company and provide a detailed report including analysing the character to the client. I also analyse myself and have to keep practising when learning something. I love to stay at home and need to look for a mature partner.” She added she performed analysis on Jennifer Yu ( 余香凝 ), Venus Wong ( 王敏奕 ), Danny Chan ( 陳國坤 ) and Bosco Wong ( 黃宗澤): “Danny has to be a reasonable person while Bosco has many thoughts and loves something new and different.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20191023/60186522