Since 49-year-old Michelle Reis ( 李嘉欣 ) married a tycoon, Julian Hui ( 許晉亨) in 2008, she withdraws from the show business slowly. Her last on-screen appearance was making a cameo appearance in Bodyguards and Assassins ( 十月圍城 ) film in 2009. Michelle announced she will be making a comeback which delivered a shock to the public during a Chinese variety show, Real Actor ( 演員派) last month. However according to the news source earlier, the real reason behind her comeback was related to monetary.

As Michelle is living a wealthy married life, somebody believes she feels bored and decides to make a comeback. Although Julian is the successor to his empire, but his father left $43 billion (HKD) to a trusted fund foundation and was managed by a professional management. Hence, his family inherits the assets indirectly and Michelle and Julian are allowed to get $2 million (HKD) as their monthly expenses.

Based on understanding, Michelle has not acted for the past 10 years and is now reportedly getting 50 million yuan for a screen comeback in Real Actor show. However because of the wages limitation in China, she might get a lower amount and the public suspect it is around 8 digit which is still much higher than her current “salary”. In addition, Michelle continues to have deep passion in acting and it is believed that Julian will support her decision.