Venus Wong (王敏奕) puts in full efforts in ViuTV drama, Me Too (假設性無罪) and does not mind making a sacrifice. On 22nd October 2019, the episode illustrated Venus was molested and forced to drink wine when meeting a client with Billy Lau (樓南光) who played her boss.  She felt humiliated and left eventually. After hearing sexual harassment cases from other female colleagues, Venus decided to lodge a complaint to the company. She disclosed she rejected to add pat for protection when her bottom was molested: “This scene highlighted that the ladies feel extremely embarrassed when encountering such situation. Although it is not considered a daring performance, but I can seek justice for myself and finally escape from the hell. Many friends keep telling me to make safety precautions and it is a big challenge to film more than 10 scenes within a day. My colleagues keep reminding me to pull my collar band higher.”