Whenever mention about Steven Ma (馬浚偉), everyone knows him as an actor but he comes from a singing background. On 28th October 2019, he will be holding his upcoming concert (Dream Big馬浚偉演唱會2019) and shared photo of himself in a public estate when he was 13 years old on his social media account earlier.

In the photo, Steven was 13 years old and had a neat hairstyle with spectacles and held a microphone. He compared his recent and old photos and posted a message: “On the left photo, I was 13 years old and love to sing from young until now. After 30 years later, a man continues to have deep passion in singing by looking at the right photo. #my days in public estate #I am a singer #a four-eyed man #dream big concert #opening a show” Many netizens and Grace Wong (王君馨) remarked Steven looked nearly the same.

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