Sheren Tang ( 鄧萃雯 ) was reminded of having difficulty to pay the house rental when being a nobody in the past during a sharing session earlier. As her parent were separated since little, she yearned for love and easily fell in love with her filming partners. In 1998, Sheren decided to focus on her career but a financial crisis happened: “I am a failure in both aspects and feel I lack of strength to continue. Hence, I fully understand the feelings of the youngsters.

In 2013, Sheren suffered from mood disorder due to no script for Beauty at War ( 金枝慾孽貳 ) drama and felt like ending her acting career. She said: “I feel I am a complete failure and my life has dropped all the way to the bottom. Subsequently after 2 years later, I decide to experience the life without any work arranged and realise I do not need to worry about my income and work. I learn to let go and material stuff are no longer important to me. It is the first time that I feel very fortunate.”