Sheren Tang ( 鄧萃雯 ) and Kiki Sheung ( 商天娥 ) were rumoured for failing to get along when filming Rosy Business ( 巾幗梟雄 ) drama in 2009. They were invited to the sharing session together and Kiki took the initiative to mention about their conflict rumours and working experiences.

Kiki explained she was not a smooth talker and it created misunderstandings easily. At the time, her father felt unwell and she felt exhausted when taking care of her family and filming series: “I always assume doing my part well is sufficient until liaising my contract renewal with the company. They are giving me a salary increment but do not understand about the back end staff complaining that I have problematic person. Thus, I reject to renew my contract and cry at home everyday. I keep thinking about the current outcome and realise I seldom interact with my filming partners, and the importance of the communication.”

Subsequently, Kiki invited Sheren to the stage and revealed she loved to listen to gossips in the past. Regardless of what happened in the past, she decided to turn up at the sharing session because of Sheren and even gave a kiss on her cheek.