TVB anniversary drama, The Man Who Kills Troubles (解決師) starring Vincent Wong (王浩信) is currently broadcasting. It is uncertain if he will become TV King again after 2017. Although Vincent comes from a singing background, but he has been focusing on filming series for the past 10 years and beginning to sing the drama theme song lately.

Other than singing and shooting series, it has been 8 years since Vincent films movie and participates in new film, Guilt by Design (催眠‧裁決) with Kent Cheng (鄭則士), Nick Cheung (張家輝) and Eddie Cheung (張兆輝). On 25th October 2019, Vincent followed the cast team to attend the fans meeting session in Guangzhou.

On the following day, Vincent uploaded many photos of the meeting session on Weibo and revealed Nick was his idol: “During the fans meeting session for Guilt By Design film yesterday, I feel excited to see many fans supporting this movie and thank you very much. Let’s experience it together and I transform into a little fan as well. @Nick Cheung”