Lau Dan ( 劉丹), Angela Tong ( 湯盈盈 ), Koni Lui ( 呂慧儀), Mandy Lam ( 林淑敏), Jack Hui ( 許家傑) and Stanley Cheung ( 張景淳) announced Come Home Love: Lo and Behold ( 愛‧回家之開心速遞) sitcom will be airing everyday at the promotion activity on 24th October 2019. They also played games and Pal Sinn ( 單立文 ) used a lipstick on Angela and made her looked like a crown.

Asking if Angela and Koni’s children will complain due to longer filming period, Angela replied she usually spent time with her kids during her free time. Koni said when her son told her to take him to TV City: “The security has reinforced and more paperwork to fill in now. Thus, he cannot accompany me to work.”

Koni hoped to invite newcomers such as “Four Heavenly Kings” and Ekin Cheng ( 鄭伊健) making cameo appearances in the sitcom: “Everyone says Stanley Cheung ( 張景淳) and Ekin look alike and can act as his elder brother.” When suggested Angela’s husband, Chin Ka Lok ( 錢嘉樂) making a cameo appearance, she said: “He is busy taking care of our daughters and please do not disturb him.”