In recent years, Chinese artiste Yang Mi’s (楊冪) fame is decreasing and the rating record of her drama is not as high as before.

Earlier at Beijing airport, she wore a blue top and black jacket with black cap and mask and the netizens criticised Yang Mi had saggy breasts and failed to maintain her body figure well. In fact during the shooting period for The Great Craftsman (築夢情緣) drama, it is obvious her body figure is less fit upon wearing a loose jacket. Although Yang Mi is 33 years old and has a daughter, but it is unbelievable that she is aging quickly.

In July 2019, the netizens disapproved of Yang Mi’s demeanor and it turned out that her vertebral was hurt when filming drama previously. Hence, she has to lean forward even after the recovery and the lower breast position gives a wrong perception to the public that she has sagging breasts. In conclusion, Yang Mi makes sacrifices for her acting career and it is not easy for her to stay slim after giving birth.