Although 48-year-old Gigi Lai (黎姿) is a mother of 3 daughters and busy taking care of her business, but she continues to look beautiful. On 25th October 2019, she shared photo of herself training and keeping fit online: “I remembered about promising to share my secret for keeping fit and there is two main reasons, simple and balance.

About balancing the diet, we can continue to eat rice and meat including some sweet stuff. Other than high calories food, we can have a wide variety of choices and I eat lean meat, porridge, chicken breast and pumpkin, beetroot and crab roe salad.

In addition, we can cook simple food without any sauce and msg and it is the key to the health.

Finally, we must not eat anything for 4 hours before sleeping and drink plenty of warm water to get rid of water retention. We cannot give up at all. #balanced diet #simple cooking” Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) posted a message: “Following you.”