Lately, Ruby Lin (林心如) participated in a Chinese reality show (幸福三重奏) with Ivy Chen (陳意涵) and made a love confession to her husband, Wallace Huo (霍建華): “I am the luckiest woman when married to Wallace as he is dashing and understanding man who can tolerate me.” In another Chinese reality show, The Inn 3 (親愛的客棧3), Ruby revealed she cried and begged Chiung Yao (瓊瑤) to keep her role, Ziwei (紫薇).

Prior to the shooting for My Fair Princess (還珠格格) drama in 1997, Ruby’s role was nearly replaced because of her looks and her manager (吳翊鳳) and she begged Chiung Yao to keep her role. In the latest episode in The Inn 3 show, Ruby said with tears: “At the time, I begged Chiung Yao not to remove me from the cast team. Initially, I was supposed to play Princess Saiya (塞婭) but the original lead rejected the role, xiaoyanzhi (小燕子) and Zhao Wei (趙薇) became the replacement, while I was ordered to act as Ziwei.”

Hence, Zhao Wei and Ruby become good friends after the drama. When mentioned about she was nearly replaced during an interview in 2017, she said: “Chiung Yao did not really like Ruby’s obedient character and there was a difference when compared to her role. There were many crying scenes but Ruby failed to have tears after trying for a long time. Hence, Chiung Yao had to replace her before the shooting.” Zhao Wei added she heard about the replacement news for Ruby upon coming in and was chosen to play Ziwei, while Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) became the substitute for xiaoyanzhi: “Finally, Chiung Yao gave another chance to Ruby and decided to keep her when realising she was in good condition. It proves it is a right decision and everyone is touched by Ziwei.”