Natalie Tong ( 唐詩詠) was dressed up with expensive jewellery, watch and handbag to exhibit the autumn collection for Christie’s ( 佳士得) on 28th October 2019. She revealed she did not receive any diamond during her previous relationships: “It is too expensive and I will reject even if it is a gift, unless it is a wedding ring.” She emphasised she was currently single with no suitors and preferred to take it easy.

Natalie expressed she hoped to date someone from another sector due to lesser pressure: “I have to handle the relationship in low-key manner if dating an artiste and it is harder to maintain, based on my experiences.” She added her good friends tried to introduce guys to her and Priscilla Wong ( 黃翠如) would give her advice.

When mentioned about invited to Priscilla’s birthday party with her old love, Tony Hung ( 洪永城) earlier, Natalie replied the birthday girl consolidated the guest list and Tony and she were in the same events several times, but did not see each other only. (The netizens hope both of you are together again?) Please do not create any misunderstanding. (Are you sure?) I cherish this friendship and hope everyone will respect us.”