Classic drama, My Fair Princess (還珠格格) gives a deep impression to the audiences even after 20 years. Recently, Vicki Zhao (趙薇) is invited to a show, Everybody Stand By (演員請就位) as the judge and Zhang Tielin (張鐵林), Chen Ying (陳瑩) and Lu Shiyu (陸詩雨) made a cameo appearance upon re-enacting a classic scene in My Fair Princess series.

In the latest episode, Sebrina Chan (陳瑤) and another actress (唐可人) re-enacted the scene where Vicki was forced to work as a slave in a shop and it made her shocked upon seeing Tielin, Chen Ying and Shiyu appearing on the stage. Vicky walked up towards them and said her classic dialogues: “Xianyanzhi is back! Come on, Liu Qing and Liu Hong!” It made many audiences felt touched and some even said: “Xiaoyanzhi is finally back! It is the same as when watching the drama!”