Taiwanese celebrity, Ruby Lin (林心如) rose to national fame overnight after playing Ziwei (紫薇) in My Fair Princess (還珠格格) drama 20 years ago. Lately, she participated in Chinese reality show (幸福三重奏) and called Zhang Tielin (張鐵林) who played Qianlong Emperor (乾隆) as her “father” immediately upon seeing him.

Apparently, Ruby is invited to the program as the guest with Ivy Chen (陳意涵), Zhang Guoli (張國立) and their spouses. In the preview clip of the latest episode, Ruby went over to Ivy’s house and Tielin made a sudden appearance while both were cooking in the kitchen. She called him “father” and hugged him immediately. Tielin told her after entering into the house: “Ruby, it has been a long time since I last saw you. I seldom hear from you since you are married to a wealthy man.” Ruby replied with embarrassment: “Wealthy man? No, I am not.”

Subsequently, a couple played a joke and said: “Kangxi and Qianlong Emperors and Ziwei are here today.” It turned out that Guoli acted as Kangxi Emperor in Records of Kangxi’s Travel Incognito (康熙微服私訪記) series and asked Ruby: “You call him “father” and should call me “grandfather”.” Many netizen posted their messages once seeing the preview clip: “It is a century reunion and a beautiful memory for Ruby and Tielin.” Also on Weibo, Ruby shared the photo of Tielin, Guolin and herself and it is obvious that she is overjoyed.

In fact other than working together in My Fair Princess drama, Ruby and Tielin filmed A Matter of Time (新賭國仇城) movie in 2000 and played a couple. At the time, he was 43 years old while she was 23 years old and made the first move to kiss him on the bed in a particular scene. However acting as father and daughter in My Fair Princess series left a deep impression to the audiences, they could not accept both were on the same bed.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20191101/60220434