After doing live broadcast on a radio show, This Week (視點31) on 5th November 2019, Chapman To (杜汶澤) and Natalis Chan (陳百祥) left the building one after another. Chapman was the first one to leave and said in a joking manner that he was mad at Nabela Qoser (利君雅) when failing to turn up.

Mentioning about the argument with Natalis, Chapman replied: “Firstly, I do not see his previous interview at all. The scariest part is he cannot remember what he has said before. (Natalis dares not admit?) Having a poor memory is the worst. If you look at our live broadcast, you will notice that he fails to remember about what he says quickly. It is simply illogical and I can understand his position at his age. Should I have the responsibility to educate him? (Very angry?) Yes, but let’s forget about it since I have promised him. (How to describe Natalis?) It is a waste of breath. (How to cool down?) By having steamboat.”