Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) was invited to Joel Chan’s (陳山聰) wedding banquet earlier. On 2nd November 2019, she shared photo of herself cycling in pigtail and left an online message: “I finally know how to cycle.” Charmaine also uploaded the same photo and posted a message on Instagram: “Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep moving.” Her good friend, Raymond Wong (黃浩然) remarked she was a young girl and Charmaine replied with a laughing emoji.

Apparently on 1st November, Charmaine shared photo of herself in pigtail and going for fishing with Philip Chan’s (陳欣健) daughter and her manager, Joanne (陳早茵) on Weibo. She said: “Dolling myself up to compete in fishing competition and I am the only one empty-handed after fishing from day to night. I am a loser but get to take photo of the beautiful sunset. Congratulations! @Joanne”