Niki Chow (周勵淇) is one of the shareholders in a hair salon. An Apple Daily HK (蘋果) reader, Ms Lam (林小姐) reported that the rental for the salon was due since last month and the staff were informed that it was shut down on 7th November 2019. All employees were required to collect their belongings on the following day and Apple Daily HK reporters witnessed them packing up in the shop at Causeway Bay. When asked about Niki’s update, one male staff said: “Niki is unrelated to us and I have nothing to say.”

At the same time, the hair salon posted a notice on Facebook that Niki was no longer one of the business partners: “Thank you to Niki for supporting La Môd Salon. We would like to announce that she has stopped our partnership and wish her a happy life and smooth career. Thank you.” Subsequently, the company created another post to draw a separate line with Niki.

According to Ms Lam, she received a text message from a beauty salon that it will be taking over the remaining beauty treatments from La Môd and realised there was no hair treatment, upon checking with that salon. Thus, she was clueless about her remaining hair package: “I assume it will be stable when a celebrity is the spokesperson. It is totally unexpected and I feel helpless.” Since 2016, Ms Lam has been patronising the hair salon and each hair treatment costs $4,800: “I always buy the package around $40,000 to $50,000 and make the full payment. There is $10,000 left for the package and I feel very mad when La Môd transfers my details to another salon without my permission. It is considered unethical.”

In October, La Môd hired MIRROR group to advertise for their business on Facebook and it was shut down within 2 weeks. Lastly, Niki’s manager, Mani said to Apple Daily HK: “Niki is in overseas now and I know she is no longer a shareholder for a long time. The hair salon is unrelated to her. I do not have the complete information and thank you for the concern.”