According to the news source on 9th November 2019, Niki Chow’s (周勵淇) business, La Môd Salon/Hair Spa/Beauty at Causeway Bay failed to pay the outstanding rental since last month and her staff were informed to collect their belongings yesterday. On the same day, the hair salon made an announcement on Facebook: “Thank you to Niki for supporting La Môd Salon all along. We have ended our partnership officially and hope she will have a happy life and smooth career. Please wait for the financial updates from the management. Thank you.” Based on understanding, the salon is opened in 2015 and Niki’s manager Mani revealed she terminated the partnership long ago.

Although the issue is unrelated to Niki, but a big group of Chinese netizens reprimanded her by posting online messages: “Serve you right! It depends on the timing and a third party will not have any good outcome.” Apparently after marrying to Chinese actor, Fu Chengpeng (傅浤鳴) in end 2018, her career begins to go downhill and she is rumoured to become a third party. Although Niki denied it, but it failed to salvage her image and many Chinese netizens criticised and perceived her as a third party: “A stolen marriage does not deserve any happiness!” In addition, Niki suffered from dehydration when filming Chinese drama (歲歲青蓮) which was pointed to be her last period series. Looks like changing her name fails to change her luck and career developments after all.