Mayday (五月天) is a Taiwanese band and its member, Chen Hsin Hung, nicknamed Ashin (阿信) posted a message on Instagram on 9th November 2019: “I am under surveillance and need to increase my speed now. #IG school patrol #big brother @Jay Chou (周杰倫)” He uploaded photo of the conversation with Jay who texted him nearly 2pm on 8th November: “A gentle reminder about your Instagram account.” At 2am on 9th November, Ashin replied and asked if he could show Jay’s text message to the public. Many netizens felt it was humorous to see their private conversation and were curious about his late reply. Ashin explained: “Avoiding for a day.”

After 8 hours later, Ashin left another message: “Cannot delay the speed on Instagram anymore! #someone called me in the middle of the night #please look at second page for details #big brother #Jay Chou” In addition, he showed the message from Jay: “Come on!” Ashin then said: “Oh my god!”