While rehearsing for TVB Anniversary Gala Show (萬千星輝賀台慶) show, Owen Cheung (張振朗) expressed he only got to practise dancing for 15 hours and felt pressurised upon learning from Maverick Mak (麥秋成): “I approach my friend to give me some training and still not as nice as Maverick. Renci Yeung (楊偲泳) commented I look like a fat penguin when dancing.”

As Maverick signed contract with TVB not long ago, he confessed he did not mind working with his old love, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and treat her as a senior. Mentioning about the rumours with Angel Chiang (蔣家旻), Maverick clarified they were friends and dating did not cross his mind at all.

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20191108/1573211798443/%e5%bc%b5%e6%8c%af%e6%9c%97%e8%b7%b3%e8%88%9e%e4%bc%bc%e8%82%a5%e4%bc%81%e9%b5%9d-%e9%ba%a5%e7%a7%8b%e6%88%90%e7%b0%bd%e7%b4%84%e7%84%a1%e7%b6%ab%e5%94%94%e4%bb%8b%e7%b4%b9%e5%90%8c%e8%94%a1%e6%80%9d%e8%b2%9d%e5%90%88%e4%bd%9c