Other than the beautiful looks, having a fit body figure is important to the female artistes in order to attract the audiences’ attention. As everyone looks fatter when making on-screen appearances, the celebrities usually exercise and restrict their diets so as to look as slim as possible.

Yang Mi (楊冪) is well-known for her slim body and her “chopstick” legs becomes her trademark. Earlier, the netizens noticed she lost drastic weight and was suspected to weight more than 80 pound only. At the drama set, Yang Mi took video clip of herself eating noodles and gave it to her assistant after 2 bites. Some netizen described her as a “small eater” and she ate the rice noodles with 1 bite, before pushing it away in a Chinese show (我要上春晚). The video clip becomes the top search on Weibo once released and many netizens are shocked at her small appetite. Some admired her determination and asked her: “How strong is Yang Mi’s determination?”

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