Since Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) was married to a Taiwanese doctor, Michael Lai (賴弘國) last year, rumours of their marriage problems have been circulating and another negative news surfaced again, after the netizen wrote an apology letter for the fake news earlier.

Lately, Gillian revealed she “froze” 3 eggs because of her husband’s busy schedule and a delay in their baby plan. On 8th November 2019, some netizen uploaded a video clip of Michael and a Taiwanese Internet celebrity having supper together on Weibo. The netizen wrote that woman deliberately made different body postures and her “S” shape figure and Michael did the same too. As Gillian was busy working, many netizens felt it was unfair when Michael delayed their baby plan and chose to have supper with that woman late at night.

Subsequently, Michael responded on Weibo personally: “Hello, thank you for the concern. Despite our busy workloads, we are trying our best to have a baby and please give us your blessings. I believe there is no smoke without fire and it is creating “marriage problem” rumours. However, I have a blissful marriage and my wife’s new film, Missing (失蹤) is making its debut soon. #Gillian please get ready #interesting and you cannot miss it” He tagged his good friend as well.

The netizens posted their messages after reading it: “We believe you. Hope both of you will remain a sweet couple! Please treat Gillian well and do not cheat behind her back.”

Apparently, the Internet celebrity is known as Janet (楊秀容) who is good friends with Michael for many years. They meet up frequently and Michael shares their photos on his Instagram account. Janet has twins sons with her ex-husband, Steven who is younger than her by 6 years old and knows many celebrities. Looks like it is a misunderstanding after all.