Because of the social unrest, Ms Hong Kong Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) is assigned little work and the invitation to commercial performances are close to zero. Earlier, she is taken photos of having dinner with her Swiss boyfriend, Matej who paid the bill and took public transportation. As for the finalist, Kayan Choi (蔡嘉欣) is busy with her work and given an opportunity to host TVB show.

During an activity for Pearl channel (明珠台) on 11th November 2019, Carmaney expressed she was currently preparing for the rehearsal and participating in charity drive. Asking about her income, she replied she depended on her savings: “I definitely have savings after working for many years. (Is it a bad timing?) Nope. Nobody wants it to happen and I understand everyone feels unhappy.” Carmaney emphasised she could support herself without the help from her boyfriend.

When mentioned about being a clingy girlfriend, Carmaney dismissed it and met up with her friends frequently. She explained taking public transportation was for environmental protection. Checking if she felt Kayan had a better career progression than her, Carmaney said: “She is a smart girl and I feel happy for her. I believe I will have more opportunities after a year later and winning an award is an honour to me. Plus, there is cash prize for me.”