Moses Chan (陳豪), Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) recorded the show, Do Did Eat (Do姐有問題) at Tseung Kwan O on 11th November 2019. Moses expressed he will be taking a break and taking care of his family and coffee business after wrapping up the drama not long ago. He will be shooting another new series in next February.

When asked if his business was affected recently, Moses said: “Touchwood! Definitely as it is a newly set up business. I am considered a lucky person and hopefully the society will become peaceful again. (Request to reduce the rental?) Honestly speaking, I have an agreement with the shopping mall but it is not written black and white though. Anyway, it is confidential and I cannot reveal too much details. (How is Ali?) She is alright and I see her frequently. (Console her?) Nope. I feel she is fine since the shooting begins.”