Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) work together in The Man Who Kills Troubles (解決師) drama after My Unfair Lady (不懂撒嬌的女人) series 2 years ago. Although he played a teacher and killer in the drama, but Vincent was criticised for achieving little transformation and his hairstyle was always neat after the fighting. Vincent explained: “It is not compulsory for the killer to have messy hair and my hair did become messy in certain action scenes.” Natalie said: “James Bond’s hair is always neat too and looking cool as a killer is the most important.”

Subsequently, Vincent emphasised there was some changes in terms of the background, style and hairstyle for his roles: “I gain 10 pound weight when playing a teacher but lose weight and learn to fight when acting as a killer. The role of a killer is to solve the problem for others. In reality, I will analyse different Vincent Wong and resolve the issues by myself.”

As for Natalie, she felt it was challenging to act as a teacher for the first time: “I have to scold the students and it is harder when compared to learning a flute. I try my best to show my stern side but it is very difficult and the students are not scared of me even after the shooting.” She revealed she seldom showed her anger and failed to present the power of a girlfriend in her past relationships: “People are only scared of me when I release my anger and will become calm after that. My ex-boyfriends are not scared of me at all.” Lastly, Natalie added she did not set any limit for kissing scenes and will ask her husband for permission beforehand in the future.