It is an open secret that Chinese star, Kenny Lin (林更新) is a big fan of Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou (周杰倫). During an interview earlier, he tried to create opportunities to meet his idol and recalled of Jay’s staff approaching him for the first time: “Will you be in Shanghai? Are you free to attend a fashion show organised by Jay?” At the time, Kenny was in Hangzhou and willing to drive to Shanghai for a few hours in the early morning. On the following day, he placed a song during Jay’s concert and attended an activity of Jay signing contract with the brand company on the third day. He said: “Once, Jay asked about my daily presence and I told him to exercise and drink less milk tea. It become the top 3 searches on Weibo when Jay met his fan, Kenny.

In addition, Jay loves cars all along and shared photo of a Ferrari car and himself on 13th November 2019. He posted an online message: “Which do you prefer? Indoor or outdoor? I am a sunshine boy and prefer outdoor since the weather is good.”