Lin Chi Ling (林志玲) and her husband, AKIRA held their wedding ceremony in Tainan on 17th November 2019.

During the wedding banquet, Chi Ling wore a beige evening gown and thanked all guests for turning up: “Thank you to all guests for coming to my wedding and all are my precious benefactors.” She emphasised she became what she was today because of the love from everybody and bowed to show her appreciation thereafter. AKIRA also did the same upon seeing his wife bowing to the guests.

Chi Ling continued her speech: “Please stop worrying about me. I reckon I will not be lonely since we are together now and will have additional energy and warmth to give to everybody. Let’s enjoy this wonderful night together! Thank you!” Both then bowed to thank everybody’s supports again.

When it was AKIRA’s turn to give his speech, he thanked all guests for coming to their wedding and wished to express his gratitude in Japanese: “My wife and I signed the marriage paper with my parent’s presence at our wedding ceremony. The reason for choosing Tainan as the wedding venue because it serves as a memory to Chi Ling’s grandparent, parent and her family. Thank you to Chi Ling, all guests and everybody from Taiwan for making this wedding successful.” Chi Ling kept nodding her head and smiling while standing besides him.