Lin Chi Ling (林志玲) and her husband, AKIRA held their wedding banquet in Tainan at night on 17th November 2019. The joyous occasion attracts the attentions from Taiwanese and Chinese netizens and her wedding becomes the top search. As for Chi Ling’s old love, Jerry Yan (言承旭), many netizens were worried about him and posted their messages: “Poor Jerry Yan! Please let him off and her ex-boyfriend is definitely one of the searches now.”

Apparently, the public was concerned about Jerry once Chi Ling announced about tying knot with AKIRA in this June. At the time, Taiwanese media pointed Jerry was shocked upon contacting his manager and knowing the news. He said calmly after that: “Really? Congratulations! I give my blessings to her!” In addition, his manager emphasised Jerry behaved normally and did not feel depressed at all.