Andy Lau (劉德華) filmed new movie (人海潮湧) with Chinese artiste Xiao Yang (肖央), Regina Wan (萬茜) and Cheng Yi (程怡) in Shanghai on 17th November 2019. According to the news source, Andy had conflict with a young cast team member and the film director went over to explain the scene to the young actor immediately. Subsequently, two young actors’ assistants carried the stools and the actress’s assistant helped her to wear the coat. As for Andy, he waited at one corner silently and the staff were mad that those young artistes were arrogant in front of Andy. The young actor who had argument with Andy was rumoured to be Xiao Yang.

On the same night, Xiao Yang clarified that he was shooting a scene with Andy and it was not real argument on Weibo: “It is one of the scenes in the film. It is inconvenient for me to reveal the details and you will know it in the future. Andy is the idol of our whole team and I feel grateful to work together with him. I definitely will not behave like a big shot in front of him and thank you for the concern.” The investor, EEG ( 英皇) emphasised all team members were very professional and humble.