40-year-old Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) has been behaving in low-key manner for the past 2 years and confessed about suffering from depression due to her injured vocal cords earlier. However, she will be making a comeback by releasing Naked Truth album soon. As 17th November 2019 marked her 20th anniversary year in the industry, Elva recorded a video clip lasted 3 minutes and 34 seconds and her fans felt heart pain when her nose and the part near her eyes were red.

In the video clip, Elva wore a white top and expressed she wanted to give a letter to her fans. She received supports and concerns from many people during this period of time: “It gives me the best memory and I feel everybody is rooting for me when I need them and using the best communication method for me to move forward.” Previously, Elva tried to defend herself when facing many rumours and thank for the continuous supports from her fans: “I do not perform before and have no performance at all. It is always my original performance.”

A few days ago, Elva disclosed about conducting a world tour concert and Naked Truth might be her last album. Lastly other than thanking and giving flying kiss to her fans, she also said: “Let’s move forward together!”

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