As Matt Yeung (楊明) is discovered for clearing the roadblock earlier, he explained he was caught in a traffic congestion for 45 minutes due to the roadblock, while attending the dinner banquet at the company on 22nd November 2019.

Matt said: “I did not really think about the safety issue and only want to help as much as I can. Nobody will step out if everyone is afraid and I will continue to help even if it happens next time. (You are rumoured to help to set up the road block?) There is many posts going viral and it is quite funny.”

When mentioned about his soup business, Matt replied he had postponed about setting up another branch: “All local businesses are affected and I hope it will be over quickly. Fortunately, the profits can be used to sustain the business and my partner and I are considering to apply for The Li Ka Shing Foundation (李嘉誠基金) for financial assistance.”