New film, Two Tigers (兩隻老虎) starring Vicki Zhao (趙薇) as the film producer and actress is making its debut in Beijing on 28th November 2019. Other than the superstar Ge You (葛優) was present, she also invited the cast team members of My Fair Princess (還珠格格) drama including Alec Su (蘇有朋), Julian Chen (陳有朋) and Li Mingqi (李明啟). The audiences felt excited and it became a lively atmosphere once seeing their presences.

83-year-old Mingqi looked energetic and stood besides Julian after hugging Vicki and Alec who appeared emotional. As it was a rare reunion for Alex and Julian, he said: “Well, “two tigers” are really here. One is a “happy tiger” and another is a “handsome tiger”. It caused shoutings from the audiences immediately.

Subsequently on Weibo, Julian shared photo of Mingqi and himself and left an online message: “Wet-Nurse Rong, my waist is aching and I need your needles!” It reminded many netizens that Mingqi was always attacking Alex and his group in My Fair Princess drama.