Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) disguised as “Anna” with two “Elsa” to host the lighting ceremony for Frozen 2 (魔雪奇緣2) film at ifc shopping mall in Shanghai on 1st December 2019. During an interview, she expressed she loved to watch Frozen (魔雪奇緣) movie as it reminded of her elder sister and they had close bonding. Linda pointed Frozen film was full of love and it was everyone’s dream to have a younger sister like Anna. She hoped one will have determination and support oneself.

When mentioned about upcoming work arrangements, Linda replied it was important to make preparations such as the mindset and body condition and the god will make the plan. Asking about the preferred type of role that she wanted to play, Linda explained she used to play an obedient girl in the past and loved to challenge a killer, mother and a role in the fairy tale. Although she became a mother, but Linda wished to continue to develop her career and place her family as her top priority.