Yang Mi (楊冪) is a famous actress in China and her fashion sense usually attracts the attention of her fans. During Hainan Island International Film Festival (海南島國際電影節) a few days ago, her two outfits became a heated discussion among the netizens who remarked that Yang Mi matched her outfit with trainers looked inappropriate for a formal award ceremony.

While walking on the red carpet, Yang Mi looked very elegant in a black evening gown with silver top. Upon showing the preview clip with the film director, Huang Jianxin (黃建新) on the stage, she was dressed in a pink tube dress with trainers revealing her perfect body figure and many actresses normally match with high heels for a formal occasion. Although her fans praised Yang Mi looked cute yet sexy, but some disapproved of her dressing style and it appeared weird overall.

Despite it is unclear if Yang Mi chooses to wear trainers because of a leg injury or other reasons, she also matches the evening gown with trainers at an opening ceremony for a film festival in Beijing in May 2019. Ever wonder if it is Yang Mi’s favourite dressing style?

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